1. Services Phase3 Electrical Commissioning

2. ARC for Lighting & Communication Maintenance for the year 2010,11&12

3. Supply of manpower for commissioning of CDV / VDU, CFC LPG treating and ATF treating units at MRPL phase III

4. ARC for Lighting and communication for the year 2012 -13

5. Services for Providing Temporary Connection for the year 2013,14 &15.

6. Services for Lighting and Communication for the year 14 &15.

7. ARC for Lighting & Commissioning services for Technicians for the year 2013 -14

8. Erection testing & commissioning of electrical heat tracing system for    MRPL Project.

9. Erection, testing & commissioning of 30 mtrs high mast lighting system in MRPL Phase – 3.

10. Erection, testing & commissioning of boundary lighting & street light system at MRPL phase3.

11. Erection testing & Commissioning of street light & flood lighting system at MRPL phase 3 waste water treatment plant.

12. Supply and Installation of Canopy

13. Electrical Misc Jobs Related to Lighting & Commissioning for the year14-15.

14. Installation & Maintenance of Lights.

15. Services for PM/LTG/TEMPCONN/ AC Maintenance/Communication System in  MRPL PH 1,2& Refinery area,Township,APMC Yard, Jetty,SPM for the year 15-16

16. ARC for Sleeper Foundation Cable Trays

17. Services for PM/LTG/TEMPCONN/ AC Maintenance/Communication System/Srvices for Skylift operations in  MRPL PH 1,2& Refinery area for the year 16-17

18. Services for PM/LTG/TEMPCONN/ AC Maintenance/Communication System/Srvices for Skylift operations in  MRPL PH 1,2& Refinery area,Township,APMC Yard, Jetty,SPM And Sarapady for the year17-18

19. Manpower supply for operation of SS-31 & SS-40 on round the clock basis.(17-18)


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  1. Supply & installation of LT control panel, LT /HT UG Cables, shifting & 500 KVA transformer & allied work @ NMPT
  2. Erection testing & commissioning of electrical system including the supply of civil Misalliance electrical items at @ NMPT birth number 13
  3. Supply and Laying of HT UG cable and allied works at NMPT
  4. Replacement of High Tension Over head Lines by High Tension UG cables at NMPT colony Area
  5. Supply, Installation testing & commissioning of HT cable from NMPT main gate to KK gate on turnkey Basis
  6. Supply, Installation testing & commissioning of FLP –WP distribution panel, FRLS LT UG cable and allied works at oil jetty birth No . 9 on turnkey basis.
  7. Providing High Capacity Shore Supply facility for Coast Guard Ships at NMPT Jetty.
  8. Strengthening of LT power supply network for the “Floating Crafts” at Wharf
  9. Reconditioning of the cable trays and supports at Berth No. 11& 12 NMPT
  10. Annual maintenance Contract for Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Installations at NMPTfor the year 15,16,17-18.
  11. Replacement of Reefer Panel and Strengthening of exisiting electrical network system of container Yards (old) at Wharf
  12. Electrification and providing AC units at PTH
  13. Removing shifting and re-laying of HT UG cable and other allied works at MRPL outlet yard in NMPT
  14. Shifting of colony supply Tapping Pole and Providing Power Supply to Dr. Ambedkar garden.
  15. Providing lightings to the Park near Chairman’s Bunglow at NMPT.
  16. Maintenance of Outdoor Structures at NMPT Colony.
  17. Supply ,erection, testing & Commissioning of high mast tower   at New Container Yard.
  18. Replacing HPSV Street Lights by LED Lights at Beach Road and Temple Road with Octagonal pole, UG Cable, New Panel near KK Gate Structure & Vishnumurthy Temple
  19. Providing 30 M High Mast Lighting At S.J.Gate
  20. Replacement of existing convention type street / flood light fittings by LED light fittings at Operational Area.



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  1. Electrical Works at OMPL –MARC site in non plant buildings
  2. Operation maintenance of construction powers system.
  3. Electrical works at OMPL-MARC site in power plant under M/s thermax Ltd.
  4. Pre- Commissioning Works for Electrical for OMPL at Aromatic Complex Project.
  5. Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Items for Watchtowers  (6 Nos) and Workshop at OMPL.
  6. Electrical Works at OMPL MARC Site.
  7. Installation, testing & commissioning of construction power for OMPL
  8. Erection, testing & Commissioning of 30mtrs high  mast lighting system at OMPL site
L&T Ltd

  1. MRPL & OMPL Offsite Electrical Works
  2. electrical works at JBF Petro Chemicals ltd. Mangalore


  1. Supply Erection and Commissioning of High Mast Lighting System.
  2. AMC Electrical Maintence for the year 2015-2016,16-17,17-18.
  3. AMC Electrical Maintence for the year 18-19

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  • Laying of II kv (UE), 3c & H.T cable from UPCL main plant to UPCL sea water pump house.
  • Laying of H T cable from Baikampady muss to NMPT coal handling system.
  • Erection Testing, Commissioning of High Mast & Lighting Poles.
  • Installation of Cable trays at Main Plant.
  • Rewamping of  8Nos.  30Mtrs. High Masts.

1.Electrical Works at OMPL MARC Site

Mangalore SEZ Ltd.

1. Supply, Installation and Commissioning of street lights along ODC Road and other connected Works.

2. Installation of 33 KV power Supply cables to the battery limit of  various Industrial plots in MSEZ – Contract  Package No.: MSEZL/33KV XLPECable/ Installation/17-18”.


1. Electrical Installation work for HPCL MB Lal South Central zone OMPL, Mangalore

2. Installation Testing & Commissioning of Electrical Works at IOCL Mangalore Terminal.

3. Installation of Electrical work at OMPL MANGALORE- SEZ & NON-SEZ KARNATAKA

Eagle Electricals

1. Supply of Materials for external electrical works at Brigade Pinnacle Project

2. External Electrical Works- Labour Works only at Brigade Pinnacle Project.

BAJAJ Electricals Ltd.

1. Providing foundation , erection, testing, commissioning and handing over of High Mast light system at MRPL project Mangalore

2. Unloading , Shifting, stacking, security, assembly, erection, testing, commissioning, aiming of fixures, lux level measurement  and handing over of Stadium lighting  system at MRPL , Mangalore.

3.  High Mast lighting facility in the newly developed land near B. No.8 &13 @ NMPT Premises.

Brigade Enterprises Ltd.
1. Mescom permanent power connection for Marketing office at Brigade Pinnacle, Mangalore.
TATA Power Solar Systems Ltd.
1. Installation ,Testing & Commissioning of Solar Power system Works at MRPL Project.


1. Construction Power  for BS VI projects at MRPL.
Tharaka Engineers

1. Supply, Installation, Testing & commissioning of Streetlights and High Mast ( reach II- Package 1).